Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bright Stars Tanka Anthology, Vol. 5, August 2014

floods the bed
we wade
into the billows
and drown

peeking through
midnight's velvet drapes
a spotlight moon
scans the theatre
for fallen stars

the stormy thrum
of our quickening breath
as your lips
wend their way
to the rain in my breast

her first boyfriend's
hard slap
some of our memories
are burning brands

he gave me roses
and larks ascending
I offered tanka
bound with strands
of my silvered hair

an eagle
carries off a lamb
still struggling
the new mother grieves
her lost baby

our initials
tattooed on sand
b e t w e e n
heart-shaped tracks
of white-tailed deer

with ink stick
and wolf hair brush
on rice paper
I paint the unlikeliness
of my married name

warp and weft
into the tapestry
of war-torn faces

these delta blues
blowing through
the broken reeds
of my heart

e x h a l i n g
the unspeakable
slipping-down pain
i n h a l i n g
the unknowable
stripping-down bone

rearranging my (negative) space


measures the tread of infidels
and your infidelities
incremental reign of words
affection over-ruled
broken-thumbed dictator
the judge declares you out of order

paper clips

clip clippings of your clipped words
to my origami wings
paper-quilled intimate intricacies
bent out of shape
i am undone
by your undoing


unfurls over cutting edge
sticky tongue catching the fly
tearing the tip
zipping the lip
securing your crime scene
and sealing my evident fate


experts advise that using
may cause serious injury
while turning over and shaking out contrapuntal crumbs
a scattering of unplayed scales
falls from my eyes and fingertips

white out

rubs out the road to there from here
in an icy blast of shrouded blindness
pointed to pointless point of no return
we listen to the static noise
erasing everything i meant that you would never say


hold documented scars together
never dissolving or resolving
punctures wounding
both the paper and the skin
thoughtless perishables behind closed doors
fill my emptiness of self


reflects my distorted
fingerprinted face
viral truth and lies
lies as thick as the dust on my illusions and your collusions
first the shield
then the reveal


entangling and untangling
electrical and umbilical
i wear the frayed fabric
faded ridges worn down by the misgivings of forgiving
you chop and bind the rotten wood
and wither the blossom's bud


cages the page
confining lines
between the gates of prologue and epilogue
wielding this instrument of might or might not
treastise broken
indelible ink blots the pain on my escutcheon


overflows with used tissue kisses
world stained with acrid acid tears
plastic oceans and emotions
sweet rot begot and forgot
i watch your ashes drift away
on burning waves of truest blue forget-me-nots

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