Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cattails, January 2015

spewing lava
a volcano erupts
between us

early frost
a gazing ball reflects
white roses

another egg
in the falcon's nest
rising moon

ribbons of aurora
u n f u r l i n g
we tie up the loose ends
of our divergent lives

the goodbye
i never said
at dawn
a bull elk bugles
on the hillside

your fingers
played a symphony
in my hair
when I was a cello
and you were the bow

Tanka Editor's Choice:

A wonderful "short song" (tanka) composed by Debbie Strange from Canada, in which we not only hear the symphony played by two lovers, but where the lyrics of this write present in a musical fashion. I cannot stress enough the importance of line 2, 4, and 5 being of nearly equal length to create a melody like this author has accomplished
—an'ya, cattails principal editor

Cattails, January 2016

dusty sky
refugees make kites
from plastic bags

bagpipes skirl
across the prairie
Dad goes home

midnight sun
will you miss me
when I'm gone

in the hills
cattle lowing between

a skunk forages
in fireweed

the dry ache
of a long goodbye
how do we
reach the other side
with the bridge washed out

Tanka Editor's Choice:

This Editor's Choice is by Debbie Strange from Canada, and it demonstrates a songlike rhythm which is pleasing to the ear and desirable in the tanka form. However I chose it not only for the melody but for its contents and its juxtaposition as well. Representative of an aching heart after a long goodbye, we are left to wonder how to reach the other side with the bridge washed out. Metaphoric in its content, leaves a reader to believe in that old saying that "love always finds a way".

—UHTS cattails tanka editor an'ya, USA

Note: This issue also contains a lovely review of Warp and Weft, Tanka Threads by an'ya which may be accessed via the book's title page of this blog.

Red Lights, Vol. 12, Number 2, June 2016

wheeling the blue beyond
calling, calling
a glimpse of your face
before you slipped away

at cliff's edge
waves roiling below
I stand
eye to eye with gulls
unafraid of flight

on the shore
jellyfish sailors
my hopes deflating
with these pink balloons

Paper Wasp 22 (2), 2016

the sound of rain
millions of monarchs
taking wing

morning chill
the dark field aglow
with pumpkins

above the marsh
a swarm of gnats spins
dusk into night

NeverEnding Story, July 2016

Translated into Chinese by Chen-ou Liu

empty nest
on the for sale sign
mourning doves

Selected Haiku
2015 Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum Haiku Contest

Chen-ou Liu's comments:

Technically speaking, L1, "empty nest," provides a "scent link" (in Basho's sense of the phrase) to L3, "mourning doves." And the doves' soft, drawn-out calls effectively enhances the tone and mood of the poem.

Hedgerow Poems, Number 85, July 2016

Resident Artist

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Daily Haiku, Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog, July 2016

rocky ledge
a wolf with the moon
in its mouth

3rd Place
Irish Haiku Society
7th International Haiku Competition 2015

Daily Haiku, Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog, July 2016

stone cairns
a faded cap drifts

1st Place
HSA 2015 Harold G. Henderson Haiku Contest
Frogpond #38:3, Autumn 2015

Atlas Poetica, Number 25, July 2016

a bird gone quiet
in the tender hollow
of your throat
I miss you more than words
can say I miss you

basking seals
on the breakwater
steam rises
from our sleek bodies
into otherness

an ant
pushing the universe
up this hill
in a water droplet
I find my inner strength

prairie dawn
an exaltation of larks
on barbed wire
ancestral blood pinging
along the gravel road home

Friday, July 01, 2016

World Haiku Review, June 2016

(theme eros and agape)

button moon
we undress each other
in the dark

Zatsuei Haiku of Merit
Vanguard Category

crescent moon
a scar on the curve
of your belly

Hon. Mention
Vanguard Category

so many reasons
to shine

Hon. Mention
Shintai Category

mending fences
the scent of sagebrush
on your fingers

Hon. Mention
Shintai Category

JapanTanka Poets' Society,The 8th International Tanka Festival Competition, 2016

two deep valleys
in a mountain's shadow
village children
pleading at day's end
for one more shaft of light

Certificate of Merit
Conferred by The Tanka Journal
(300 entries)

Shamrock, Number 34, June 2016

shining wind the halt and sway of evergreens

frosted dawn
crows spill across
the horizon

Prune Juice, Issue 19, July 2016

the way you wriggle
out of lies

a fox
in the hen house
your affair

arms and legs flailing
we relearn
the complicated steps
of the mosquito Macarena

Presence, Number 55, June 2016

coastal trail a rainbow appears in the orca's breath

lambing season
swirls of fog become
a wolf pack

rising wind
a volley of ducks explodes
from the marsh

snowy owls
drifting over prairie
northern lights

North Carolina Poetry Society, Griffin-Farlow Haiku Award, 2015

fog weaving
between fence posts
a coyote's song

Hon. Mention
Griffin-Farlow Haiku Award 2015
Pinesong, Volume 52, Awards 2016

Judge's Comments:

I awarded honorable mention to this haiku for its deft juxtaposition of senses both visual and aural. I like where this haiku led me: piano (fence post), pianist (fog) and music produced by the combination of those two images (coyote's song). Each reader's interpretation of a haiku is unique and based on the reader's own experience. Where does this haiku lead you?

—Roberta Beary

Moonbathing, Issue 14, Spring/Summer 2016

cling to foam-flecked rocks
e x p o s e d
at my lowest ebb
I yearn to let go

Hedgerow Poems, Number 82, June 2016

Resident Artist

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4) The Bamboo Hut, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2014

Haiku Society of America, Harold G. Henderson Haiku Contest, 2015

stone cairns
a faded cap drifts

1st Place
2015 Harold G. Henderson Haiku Contest

A Splash of Water, Haiku Society of America, Members' Anthology 2015

water lily
the way you close
your hands to pray

World Haiku Association
122nd Haiga Contest 2014

Sailing Into The Moon, Haiku Canada Members' Anthology, 2016

merlot moon
fires burn somewhere
close tonight

Asahi Haikuist Network, November 2015

Frameless Sky, Issue 4, June 2016

smudged sunrise
the length of a bittern's neck
among rushes

this topography
of hills and dales
our ageing bodies
fit together, still

for hovers
over sawtooth mountains
when I reach
the furthest pinnacle
will I finally see

Failed Haiku - A Journal of English Senryu, Issue 7, July 2016

Daily Haiku, Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog, December 2015

night drive . . .
a deer leaps over
the moon

Gems Anthology 2014

European Haiku Society, June 2016

weathered barn
the silence of cobwebs
in moonlight

Hon. Mention
European Haiku Prize