Friday, December 25, 2015

World Haiku Association, November 2015

136th Monthly Haiga Contest

Under the Basho, December 2015

Concrete Haiku

awakening the morning blackness of cawcawcawffee


Personal Best

stone cairns
a faded cap drifts

First Place
The 2015 Annual Harold G. Henderson Awards for Best Unpublished Haiku Competition
Haiku Society of America

TanshiArt, 2015

Tanka alone originally published in Poetry Nook, Volume 5, 2014

Tanka alone originally published in Poetry Nook, Volume 1, 2013

Prune Juice, Issue 17, November 2015

Moongarlic E-zine, November 2015

A Scrape of Stars

Membrane of Night

Moonbathing, Issue 13, Autumn/Winter 2015

a sirocco
blows us homeward
scoured clean
our every wound

Japan Information and Culture Center, Embassy of Japan, Washington D.C., Autumn 2015 Haiku Contest

curling leaves
you turn your face up
to the sun

Honourable Mention
JICC Autumn 2015 Haiku Contest

Note from the Administrator:

The autumn-themed contest attracted 590 haiku submissions from participants living in more than 30 countries. The results, beyond being captivatingly beautiful, demonstrated a true flowering of this traditional Japanese art form as it is interpreted by many different cultures.

The Judges were three internationally-recognized, prizewinning poets whose ties to the international haiku community helped the contest go viral: Roberta Beary, Abigail Friedman, and Jim Kacian.

There were nearly 600 poems, and only six Honourable Mentions were chosen, so congratulations are in order! Your poetry is exemplary, and we were honoured to have the chance to appreciate it.

—Matthew Levitas

Irish Haiku Society, International Haiku Competition 2015

rocky ledge
a wolf with the moon
in its mouth

3rd Prize
8th IHS, International Haiku Competition 2015

Note from the Administrator:

Over 250 haiku by poets from twelve countries/territories were submitted to this year's competition. It was adjudicated by Anatoly Kudryavitsky, and judged blindly.

Two poets receive the 3rd Prize: Ernest J. Berry and Debbie Strange

"A terrific poem, Debbie! And the first ever Canadian prize-winner in our competition. Congratulations!"


Hedgerow Poems, Number 56, November 2015

The Artistry of Rust

The Peeling Sky

Hedgerow Poems, Number 55, November 2015

Frameless Sky, Issue 3, December 2015

water striders
clouds cross-stitched
to the pond

dark-eyed junco
how could i have forgotten
the depth of yours . . .

twilit pasture
mares' tails brush
the hay moon

soap bubbles
drops of sun carried
on the wind

Eucalypt, Issue 19, December 2015

the bickering
of jays in evergreens
this morning
a new blue feather
in my father's cap

Edge, British Haiku Society Members' Anthology 2015

storm's landfall
another relationship
goes off the rails

Brass Bell, December 2015

moonlit lake
I brush the silver
from your hair

Gnarled Oak, Issue 5, November 2015

Blithe Spirit, Vol. 25, Number 4, November 2015

split chrysalis
all the ways we learn
to become small

my sharp edges soften

Akitsu Quarterly, Winter 2015

frost shards
splinter the air
winter prisms

snowy sky
we cross the bridge
into winter