Friday, December 25, 2015

Japan Information and Culture Center, Embassy of Japan, Washington D.C., Autumn 2015 Haiku Contest

curling leaves
you turn your face up
to the sun

Honourable Mention
JICC Autumn 2015 Haiku Contest

Note from the Administrator:

The autumn-themed contest attracted 590 haiku submissions from participants living in more than 30 countries. The results, beyond being captivatingly beautiful, demonstrated a true flowering of this traditional Japanese art form as it is interpreted by many different cultures.

The Judges were three internationally-recognized, prizewinning poets whose ties to the international haiku community helped the contest go viral: Roberta Beary, Abigail Friedman, and Jim Kacian.

There were nearly 600 poems, and only six Honourable Mentions were chosen, so congratulations are in order! Your poetry is exemplary, and we were honoured to have the chance to appreciate it.

—Matthew Levitas

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