Thursday, June 01, 2023

Bulgarian Haiku Union, The Seventh International Cherry Blossom Haiku Contest, 2023

Translated into Bulgarian by Iliyana Stoyanova

Thrilled that the following two haiku were selected as Runners-up!

night siren
the off-and-on flashes
of sakura

kneeling vespers
one cherry petal stuck
on the priest's shoe

Whiptail: Journal of the Single-line Poem - Shape-Shifting , Issue 7, June 2023

Honoured to be the featured artist for this issue! The issue's title was taken from my one-line poem "shape-shifting", and "hands weeping" was selected for the cover:

Artist's Statement:

Warp and Weft - Woven Paper Series

Warp (lengthwise yarns) and weft (crosswise yarns), refer to the two basic components of weaving. I enjoy repurposing earlier work to create something greater than the sum of its parts. these paper weavings are crafted from archival prints of my abstract photography exhibition (2010), and the single-line poems are made with words culled from my book,  Warp and Weft: Tanka Threads (Keibooks, 2015). The images are printed on cold-pressed watercolour paper to enhance the textural resemblance to fabric. I use colour therapy in my daily art practice to stimulate endorphins that help mitigate the effects of chronic illness. This series is a personal testament to the healing power of art.

The Take 5ive Journal, May 2023

Theme: Family

by blood or by choice . . .
these bonds
that hold us together,
even when we are apart

childless . . .
this love bestowed
upon strays
whether human,
or otherwise

they say
I look like my father . . .
the aspen
that has cloned itself
for thousands of years

Stardust Haiku, Issue 77, May 2023

every dandelion
a landing pad

Seashores - An International Journal to Share the Spirit of Haiku, Vol. 10, April 2023

the pond still exists
in my mind

Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, Issue 14, May 2023


Prune Juice, Issue 39, May 2023


Plum Tree Tavern, Rivers Feature, May 2023


The Pan Haiku Review, Issue 1, May 2023

Single-line haiku:

redheading my inner fox


we learn sand's language

wrapping my scarf in clouds

Our Best Haiga: Black & White Haiga/Haisha, April 2023

 Curated by Lavana Kray

April 29, 2023

(note: this haiku received the 2022 Creatrix Haiku Prize)

Mariposa, Number 48, Spring/Summer 2023

sea thrifts everywhere we look dawn

nightingales sing
from hidden perches
the little details
are all that matter

This issue includes the results of the 2022 San Francisco International Competition for Haiku, Senryu and Tanka:

autumn arrives
in a whirl of leaves
this body
withering, too, despite
my best intentions

2nd Honourable Mention Tanka

Kingfisher, Issue 7, April 2023

spinning winds
a silver birch
loses its stitches

Connected to Peace: Haiku Canada Members' Anthology 2023

herring shoals
the ocean turns itself
inside out

2nd Place
World Haiku Review, Winter 2021-2022

Haiga in Focus, Issue 61, June 2023

 Curated by Claudia Brefeld

Translated into German

Fresh Out: An Arts and Poetry Collective, May 2023

 Curated by Eric A. Lohman

Featured Artist: May 7, 2023


Featured Artist: May 19, 2023

The Never Since

Featured Artist: May 29, 2023

Vertical Thinking

How the Wind Moves: An Anthology of Collaborative Split Sequences by Christine L. Villa and Other Poets, Velvet Dusk Publishing, 2023


(a split ku sequence with Christina Villa's work in italics)

family ties
    it always
    winds down to you
    summer river

the horizonal roots

    time capsule
    we pry the lid off
    our roots

of rubber trees

    tire swing
    our laughter brighter
    than the sun

Folk Ku: A Journal in Honour of Master Masaoka Shiki (1867-1892), King River Press, Issue 1, May 2023

prairie road
one headlight drifts
over the line

Note: for Mike, Kelly, Elizabeth (age 5), Curtis (age 2) Strange who perished together in a motor vehicle accident

snow grains
the field dad had no time
to plant

Note: for my father, Ewen MacKenzie (1912-2003)

First Literary Review - East, May 2023

fireflies the synchronicity of it all

1st Place
2022 Irish Haiku Society International Haiku Competition

First Frost, #5, Spring 2023

snow rollers
the wind shows us
how to play

Fireflies' Light: A Magazine of Short Poems, Issue 27, March 2023


Note: this tanka first appeared in Atlas Poetica 36, 2019

Note: this haiku received Judge's Choice in the 2016 Craigleigh Press Contest

Note: this haiku first appeared in Modern Haiku 50.1, 2019