Monday, February 03, 2020

Christina Chin Haiku Blog, February 2020

Honoured and grateful to be a featured poet on Christina Chin's Haiku Blog on February 1, 2020!

The following selection of work highlights some of Debbie's achievements:

I skip a pebble across
the universe

1st Place, 2019 OtherWordly Intergalactic Haiku Competition
(first publication: Seashores, Volume 2, April 2019)

a halo around
the long night moon . . .
I find
another strand
of mother's light

Winner, 2018 10th Annual Moonbathing Tanka Contest

frozen trough
I cup the warm breath
of my horse

1st Place, 2018 Sharpening the Green Pencil Haiku Contest

the ocean
was in a rage last night
but today,
these peace offerings
of blue mussels and kelp

1st Place, 2018 Sanford Goldstein International Tanka Contest

transience . . .
petal by petal
we let go

Winning Haiku, 2017 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Haiku Contest

mute swans
under a moon bridge
the things
I should have confessed
make no difference now

1st Place, 2016 Fleeting Words Tanka Competition

fog deepens
the sound of rabbits
nibbling night

Grand Prize, 2016 World Haiku Competition

dried curls
of gray reindeer moss
crunch softly
underneath our boots . . .
no other sound, but breath

1st Place, 2016 San Francisco International Competition for Haiku, Senryu and Tanka

tracks of birds
meander through snow . . .
the surgeon
marks her left breast
with a cross

1st Place, 2016 British Haiku Society Tanka Awards

stone cairns
a faded cap drifts

1st Place, 2015 Harold G. Henderson Haiku Contest


Wales Haiku Journal, Winter 2019

the egg
that didn't open . . .
waning moon

mud flats
a wisp of snipe gone
with my thoughts

Tinywords, Issue 19.2, January 2020

(Note: this haiku received a Zatsuei Haiku of Merit in the World Haiku Review 2019 R.H. Blyth Award)

The Haiku Foundation, January 2020

Haiku Music Challenge Number 41 - January 4, 2020

The Haiku Foundation chose three of their favourite compositions from the Naviar Records Haiku Music Challenge for the following poem:

frozen trough
I cup the warm breath
of my horse

1st Place
2018 Sharpening the Green Pencil Haiku Contest

The Cicada's Cry: A Micro-Zine of Haiku Poetry, Winter 2019

solstice night
a bison's beard white
with frost

The Cherita, November 2019

Issue: "the storyteller"


strung together
in the distance

these blue beads
circling my wrist,
a metaphor

A Cherita Lighthouse Award

my life

stretches before me
like a ribbon of taffy

I choose
to taste every colour
of the rainbow

A Cherita Lighthouse Award

the light

of earthstar fungi
flickers along this trail

I have
never learned how
to be lost


snowy owls shimmer
on the wing

they ask
nothing of us,
yet give everything

in the fernery

my breathing

I pause
for a moment
and let my lungs sing

the mountain

beneath my feet
consoles me

every burden
becomes lighter
at this altitude

Stardust Haiku, Issue 37, January 2020

the iridescence
of your smile