Monday, January 20, 2020

Akita International Haiku Network, January 2020

Honoured to be included in the World Haiku Series, with ten haiku translated into Japanese by Hidenori Hiruta!

I skip a pebble across
the universe

Seashores, Volume 2, April 2019
1st Place, 2019 OtherWordly Intergalactic Haiku Competition

homecoming . . .
a bouquet of sky
in an old jar

1st Place, 2017 Australian Haiku Society Spring Haiga Kukai

stone cairns
a faded cap drifts

1st Place, 2015 Harold G. Henderson Haiku Contest

transience . . .
petal by petal
we let go

Winning Haiku, 2017 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational

light the woodland . . .
we find our way

Winning Haiku, 2017 Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition

fog deepens
the sound of rabbits
nibbling night

Grand Prize, 2016 Lyrical Passion Poetry World Haiku Competition

glassy lake
flocks of snow geese
pull up the moon

1st Place, 2017 Autumn Moon Haiku Journal Contest

in cupped hands
the harvest moon rests
for a moment

1st Place, 2015 Bangor Group Autumn Moon Haiku Contest

frozen trough
I cup the warm breath
of my horse

1st Place, 2018 Sharpening the Green Pencil Haiku Contest

the kestrel catches
a piece of sky

Highly Commended, 2018 New Zealand Poetry Society Int'l Poetry Competition

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Failed Haiku - A Journal of English Senryu, Vol. 5, Issue 49, January 2020

Eucalypt, Issue 27, December 2019

fingers of barley
strum the prairie skies
in this heat
our bones become liquid
our minds become still

Blithe Spirit, Vol. 29, Number 4, November 2019

journey's end
the red eyes
of a loon

sunflower fields
I never knew yellow
until now

the slough
behind our farmhouse
with mallard drakes
in praise of morning

the vibrant trills
of prairie meadowlarks
rising up
from every fence post,
these old familiar songs

Root, British Haiku Society Members' Anthology, 2019

beachcombing . . .
a fossil emerges
out of extinction

Hedgerow Poems, Number 129, Autumn 2019

Note: haiku first published in Modern Haiku 50.3, Autumn 2019

Naviar Records - Haiku Music Challenge 312, 2019

Featured Haiku December 25, 2019

Please enjoy the music created in response to my haiku:

frozen trough
I cup the warm breath
of my horse

1st Place
2018 Sharpening the Green Pencil Haiku Contest