Thursday, October 03, 2019

Snapshot Press, The eChapbook Awards, 2019

I'm thrilled and honoured to announce that my haiku manuscript, Prairie Interludes, is a winner in the 2019 Snapshot Press eChapbook Awards!

The following link will take you directly to Snapshot Press, and I will post the link to my free ebook when it becomes available:

From Snapshot Press...

Snapshot Press is an independent publisher specializing in English-language haiku, tanka and other short poetry by authors from around the world.

Founded in 1997, our publications include anthologies, single-author collections, and annual editions of The Haiku Calendar. Our books have been honoured by the Haiku Society of America, The Poetry Society of America, and The Haiku Foundation.

'Snapshot Press sets the platinum standard for design and production values among haiku and tanka books. Their quality is unsurpassed. Indeed, books from Snapshot Press are always a tactile and poetic delight.'

—Michael Dylan Welch in Modern Haiku

Colorado Boulevard Poets Salon, September 2019

I was honoured to be the featured photographer in the Colorado Boulevard Poets Salon on September 4, 2019, hosted and curated by Kathabela Wilson. Grateful thanks to everyone who wrote poems in response to my photos!


(the flower will produce new blooms)

(the seed will find a new home)

(the tree will grow new leaves)

(the spider will craft a new web)

(the bird will build a new nest)

The Zen Space, Autumn Showcase 2019

Note: this haiku received a Commendation in the 2019 Iris Little Haiku Contest.

#FemkuMag: An E-zine of Womxn's Haiku - Issue 16, September 2019

thunderstones the pointed words he hurled at me


thrift shop . . .
the ins and outs
of fashion

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

The Heron's Nest, Vol. 21, Number 3, September 2019

summer solstice the length of a beaver's incisors

deserted farm
the random acts
of hollyhocks

The Cicada's Cry: A Micro-Zine of Haiku Poetry, 2019

Special Edition: Ocean

tide pools
the here and there
of fallen stars

The Bamboo Hut, Autumn 2019

forest bathing
I immerse myself
in your light

dew point
fountain grass bends
to the earth

calm lake
otters slip between

the cup of valley
fills with fog

a grebe's nest
the rise and fall
of our paddles

Stardust Haiku, Issue 33, September 2019

marsh dawn
our voices scatter flocks
of light

Stardust Haiku, Issue 32, August 2019

windblown silt
the frog digs in
a little deeper

Shamrock Haiku Journal, Number 42, September 2019

ghost apple
this emptiness

city sirens
the wolves that used to
sing us home

Kokako, Number 31, September 2019

ranunculus the delicate unfurling of dawn

slot canyon
the sunbeam only
a lizard sees

my basket
full of clothes pegs
I smile
at your jeans dancing
with my calico dress

taking shelter
in a graffitied doorway
the stray and I
decide to become
more than strangers

Human/Kind Journal, Issue 1.8, September 2019

Haigaonline, Vol. 20, Issue 2, Autumn 2019

The Life Cycle Challenge - Walking Stick Issue

#FemkuMag: An E-zine of Womxn's Haiku - Issue 15, August 2019

the many hats they wear working mothers


phantom pain . . .
the hauntings of invisible

Failed Haiku - A Journal of English Senryu, Vol. 4, Issue 46, October 2019

My gratitude to Guest Editor, Bryan Rickert, for choosing this haiga for the cover of the October issue of Failed Haiku!

Failed Haiku - A Journal of English Senryu, Vol. 4, Issue 45, September 2019

Daily Haiku, Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog, September 2019

fading dreams . . .
the golden smoke
of tamaracks

The Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition, 2018

Creatrix Poetry and Haiku Journal, Number 46, September 2019

evening shadows
the ground squirrel's
thirteen stripes

dappled light
the invisibility
of fawns

Colorado Boulevard Poets Salon, August 2019

I was delighted to be featured in the Colorado Boulevard Poets Salon (note name change from "Poetry Corner") on August 21, 2019, hosted and curated by Kathabela Wilson.

Finding Our Way Home

Broken things in nature often renew themselves with a change in seasons, much in the same way that human interactions can be mended by spending time in nature, and in deeper communication with each other, with the world, and with ourselves.

nightly news . . .
a beaver changes
our world view

cross the border
in search
of better lives . . .
we open our arms

Though we may long for home, sometimes there are physical or emotional barriers to overcome before we take that first step...

(Bridges to Cross)

(Doors to Open)

(Roads to Travel)

(Fences to Tear Down)

"And where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. The chain may lengthen, but it never parts." (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Bleached Butterfly Magazine, Volume 1:2, September 2019

Australian Haiku Society, 2019

Spring Equinox Haiku String - September 23, 2019

we come to terms
with our past

for a moment
at the ocean's edge
plover prints

lark song
i finally believe
in something

Atlas Poetica, Number 38, 2019

tanka sequence:


taking lunch
to father in the field
we wend
our way through grain
and grasshopper song

w a i t i n g
for the hail to pass
hunkered down
between bales of hay
sisters holding hands

ricochet across
the prairie
our singing lost
to wind and rain

a rainbow
arcs above our barn
scudding clouds
chase us toward the lilt
of grandmother's voice

The Mamba, Issue 8 - Africa Haiku Network, September 2019