Thursday, September 03, 2020

Three Rivers Haiku Association: Iris - An International Haiku Contest on the Theme of the Gourds, 2020

Honoured to place in this contest! My thanks to the judge, Beate Conrad.

Translated into Croatian

ghost pumpkins
winter arrives without
a sound

3rd Place

Note: There were 347 entries to the contest, and the results will be published in the IRIS International Haiku Magazine.

The Cherita, June 2020

Issue: "a sense of place"


of our bodies
in wet sand

emptiness filling
with the water from which
we are made

if you should

happen to drift

I will still be holding
onto the lifeline
of your hand

A Cherita Lighthouse Award

Stardust Haiku, Issue 44, August 2020

the meadow makes
its own design

Our Best Haiga: Black & White Haiga/Haisha, August 2020

Curated by Lavana Kray

August 7, 2020

Note: this haiga originally appeared in Incense Dreams 3.1, October 2019

August 12, 2020

Note: this senryu originally appeared in Cattails, April 2017, and the haiga was first published in the anthology, All the Way Home: Aging in Haiku, 2019

August 20, 2020

Note: this haiga originally appeared in Ribbons 15.1, Winter 2019

August 28, 2020

Note: this tanka received 2nd Honourable Mention in the British Haiku Society Awards, 2019

MoonInk Tanka Poetry Anthology, 2020

as if I were
this ash-filled burl,
black veins
of decay winding through
my body like a river

Climate Change: The Burning Issue Tanka Contest, 2020

between the spokes
of your spinning wheel
a dusty web . . .
I never thought our lives
would so quickly unwind

1st Place
The British Haiku Society Tanka Awards, 2019

the ocean
was in a rage last night
but today,
these peace offerings
of blue mussels and kelp

1st Place
Sanford Goldstein Int'l Tanka Competition, 2018

the growth rings
of otoliths and trees . . .
when did she
become smaller
than her daughters

2nd Place
Fleeting Words Tanka Competition, 2017

dried curls
of gray reindeer moss
crunch softly
underneath our boots . . .
no other sound, but breath

1st Place
San Francisco Int'l Tanka Competition, 2016

Failed Haiku - A Journal of English Senryu, Vol. 5, Issue 57, September 2020

(note: this haibun first appeared in #FemkuMag 18, November 2019)

Dwarf Stars 2020 - The Very Best Short Speculative Poems Published in 2019

Honoured to have the following haiku chosen for this anthology. It is one of 72 works selected from 500 submissions. My thanks to the editor, Robin Mayhall!

I skip a pebble across
the universe

Seashores, Volume 2, April 2019
1st Place, OtherWordly Intergalactic Haiku Competition, 2019

Creatrix Poetry and Haiku Journal, Number 50, September 2020

idle trains
the hustle and bustle
of pigeons

day's end
a swan folds the sun
under her wing

Love, British Haiku Society 30th Anniversary Members' Tanka Anthology, 1990-2020

we zip
our sleeping bags
you cradle my body
like a crescent moon