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World Haiku Association, May 2016

142nd Monthly Haiga Contest

World Haiku Association, April 2016

141st Monthly Haiga Contest

Undertow Tanka Review, Issue 8, May 2016

on the verge
of here and hereafter
surely we
are not the only ones
with revenant hearts

scraps of lace
behind old windows
footfalls echo
we are bound by webs
of good intentions

Tinywords, Issue 16.1, May 2016

sugar snow
sifting through evergreens
empty nests, full

The Heron's Nest, Vol. 18, Number 2, June 2016

cloudless sky
a pelican's pouch
full of light

Editors' Choices

The Heron's Nest, Volume 17, 2015

crab spider
a frost moon dangles
out of reach

Perseid shower
the scent of tamarack
on the campfire

evening fog
antlers ghosting through
the coulee

summer camp
children sieve the sky
for tadpoles

The Cicada's Cry, A Micro-Zine of Haiku Poetry, Spring 2016

old argument
this frosty morning
ruffled feathers

The Bamboo Hut, Spring 2016

even when
you came home early
with glass in your hair
I never saw this coming

though my feet
have never trod upon
that fair isle
they know it better
than these dirty streets

the times
that are the hardest
give way
to those that soften
this, I tell myself

when, at last
we turn to dust and bone
my hair
an eternal waterfall
will still flow over you

rose thorns
and twists of barbed wire
you trace
my body's deep scars
until I believe

Skylark, Vol. 4, Number 1, Summer 2016

ease me down
into cool waters
plait my hair
with green willow roots
make of me your anchor

this is the song
of our humpback hearts
when we listen
to the ocean breathing
blood returns to water

Note: This issue also contains a lovely review of Warp and Weft, Tanka Threads by Jenny Ward Angyal which may be accessed via the "Books and Reviews" page of this blog.

NeverEnding Story, May 2016

Translated into Chinese by Chen-ou Liu

tarnished teaspoon
stirs memories
in bittersweet cups
I swallow her tears

cattails, September 2014

Chen-ou Liu's comments:

Through well-chosen phrases/images, Debbie's tanka effectively builds, line by line, to an emotionally powerful ending that has the most weight and reveals the theme of "co-suffering love."

NeverEnding Story, May 2016

Translated into Chinese by Chen-ou Liu

stone cairns
a faded cap drifts

First Place, 2015 Harold G. Henderson Awards
Frogpond 38:3, Autumn 2015

Chen-ou Liu's comments:

Excerpted from the judges' comment, which can be accessed at

Hedgerow Poems, Number 79, May 2016

Resident Artist

Poems without images published as follows:

1) Frameless Sky 3, 2015
2) Untertow Tanka Review 7, Hon. Men., 1st Annual Tanka Competition 2015
3) Kokako 23, 2015
4) Eucalypt 19, 2015
5) Bright Stars 7 Tanka Anthology, 2014

Gnarled Oak, Issue 8, May 2016

Failed Haiku - A Journal of English Senryu, Issue 6, June 2016

Failed Haiku - A Journal of English Senryu, Issue 5, May 2016

torn petals
no words to describe
wabi sabi

limp seabirds
beach bodies slick
with oil

Creatrix Poetry and Haiku Journal, Number 33, June 2016

fly fishing
a rainbow arcs across

first crocus
the grey stubble
on his chin

Colorado Boulevard Poetry Corner, June 2016

Theme:  Dream Come True

I thought I was too old
and yet
this book of tanka
that bears my name


Craigleigh Press, May 2016

Poetry Contest 2016 - Haiku Category

the silence of stones
in winter

2nd Place

homeless child
spent cherry blossoms
in his hair

1st Honourable Mention

herring scales
fishing nets empty
but for light

Judge's Choice

the stillness
of a dragonfly's wings
first frost

Judge's Choice

Cattails, May 2016

muddy jeans
the pasture speckled
with crocuses

we trail our fingers
through stars

visiting rights
some silences are louder
than others

on fence posts
the exclamation marks
of raptors

a cold case
our hope lingers
ten winters

gull wings
fold the horizon
into sails
will you still meet me
on the farthest shore

Brass Bell, May 2016

dust motes
drift between sunbeams
your last letter

Chuffed Buff Books, Kigo: Seasonal Words, Issue 2, Summer 2014

beside the dock . . .
diving bees

moths circling
the porch light . . .
dust storm

under the stars . . .
fruit bats

a white peony
in the black pond . . .
wilted moon

at sunrise
how the golden light
becomes you
strewing sparks
from your electric hair

the scent
of cottonwood
w a f t i n g
I still feel your breath
lifting tendrils of my hair

A Hundred Gourds, Issue 5.3, June 2016

A Hundred Gourds, Issue 5:2, March 2016

my chest
fills with dried leaves
that rustle
each time I try
to say your name

a carpet
of floating cranberries
these jewels
in the bog's ruby crown
riches enough for me

such brightness
beyond this wooded path
the clarion notes
of indigo buntings
singing down the sky

Bottle Rockets, Vol. 17, Number 2 (or #34), February 2016

a tree frog
on the old van's gear shift
endless rain

first snowfall
the sweet nothings
that never melted
on your tongue

stacked in one room
of the abandoned house
unmatched chairs
we invent a new ending
to our own story

Blithe Spirit, Vol. 26, Number 2, May 2016

grace notes that follow
me home

calico dress
wisps of clouds ruffle
water and sky

country fair
the neon buzz
of moths


This issue also contains my article and selections for the Museum of Haiku Literature Award.

Asahi Haikuist Network, May 2016

sand dunes
his footprints larger
than last year