Thursday, October 29, 2015

NeverEnding Story, October 2015

Translated into Chinese by Chen-ou Liu

when I began
to lose my hair
I wove
a shirt of myself
for your shroud

Presence 49, February 2014

Chen-ou's Comments:

Elegantly and sparsely written, this tanka conveys a depth of emotion most readers won't forget. The last two lines lift the poem up a notch.

Skylark, Vol 3, Number 2, Winter 2015


When I live on the prairie, I long for the sea. When I live by the water, I yearn for the land. I am always living either half-empty or half-full, my totem selves pulling me in opposite directions.

my weathered skin
crusted with salt and dirt
the aftertaste
of this life and the last
where do I go from here

World Haiku Association, September 2015

134th Monthly Haiga Contest

Award of Excellence, WHAC8 Commemorative Haiga Contest

World Haiku Association, October 2015

135th Monthly Haiga Contest

VerseWrights, 2015

TanshiArt, 2015

Presence, Number 53, October 2015

she carries
the weight of a curl
in her locket
all that remains
of their still-born son

Modern Haiku, Vol 46.3, Autumn 2015

cabbage whites
shreds of the letter
I never sent

Haiku Canada Review, Vol 9, Number 2, October 2015

beamed up
headlights point skyward
after the crash

the robins
have taken their leave
and with them
the cracked turquoise shells
of your sunken eyes

Gusts, Number 22, Fall/Winter 2015

walking through
the garden labyrinth
in reverie
I think of all roads taken
that led from there to here

Gogyoshi Monthly, Issue 1, October 2015


I am the feathered thing
that passes through you
sinking into you, singing unto you
a familiar plaint echoing
through hollow bones

Wrong Direction

red-zippered welt of road
dead-ends north at desolation
arrows south to desecration
the route unclear, destination unknown
all signs indicate that I am lost


anointed by the gush of blood
baptized in the hush of guilt
unchained, unclaimed
I slide out of and into
uncharted waters

Frozen Butterfly, Issue 3, October 2015

Haiku Video Journal on YouTube

sea smoke
gulls fading into mountains
into sky

dry lightning
her mattress scarred
with cigarette burns

Cattails, September 2015

a red canoe
drifts between pines
his last portage

popping open
the sound of summer
caragana pods

crape myrtle
the skinned knees
of small boys

sudden sleet
an owl chick tapping
its egg tooth

a line of mergansers
ripples the clouds

old headstones
with mossy shoulders
leaning against
one another's curves
we take comfort here

wishing seeds
cartwheel through warm air
how quiet
this fleeting moment
this belief in miracles

Second Honorable Mention
2015 Fleeting Words Tanka Contest

Comments from the Judge:

Second Honorable Mention goes to Debbie Strange from Canada for this fine tanka. Her choice of words "wishing seeds" and "cartwheel" allow readers wonderful visuals. Once again as in Anne's tanka, the poetic device of repeating a phrase firstly in nature and again in reference to human life, proves to be quite effective.

—Fleeting Words Contest Judge an'ya, USA

Brass Bell, October 2015

love notes
the heart-shaped tracks
of wapiti

Atlas Poetica Special Feature, October 2015

Yin, Yang and Beyond

this (wo)man revered
by one culture
how could (s)he be
so reviled by another

Asahi Haikuist Network, October 2015

snow geese
a chevron tattooed
on the moon

A Hundred Gourds, Issue 4:4, September 2015

apogee moon
in the deep distance
your light
making the least
of every shadow

Acorn, Number 35, Fall 2015

solar flares
a spill of buttercups
in the meadow