Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cattails, September 2015

a red canoe
drifts between pines
his last portage

popping open
the sound of summer
caragana pods

crape myrtle
the skinned knees
of small boys

sudden sleet
an owl chick tapping
its egg tooth

a line of mergansers
ripples the clouds

old headstones
with mossy shoulders
leaning against
one another's curves
we take comfort here

wishing seeds
cartwheel through warm air
how quiet
this fleeting moment
this belief in miracles

Second Honorable Mention
2015 Fleeting Words Tanka Contest

Comments from the Judge:

Second Honorable Mention goes to Debbie Strange from Canada for this fine tanka. Her choice of words "wishing seeds" and "cartwheel" allow readers wonderful visuals. Once again as in Anne's tanka, the poetic device of repeating a phrase firstly in nature and again in reference to human life, proves to be quite effective.

—Fleeting Words Contest Judge an'ya, USA

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