Monday, July 20, 2015

Undertow Tanka Review, Issue 2, September 2014

the lady next door
a Holocaust survivor
tortured yet again
by TV news coverage
of her grandchild's suicide

she kneels
in the spangled grass
listening deeply
to the opening hymn
of a monarch chrysalis

he is fading
his teenaged daughter
keeping vigil
paints his toenails
while he sleeps

moonbeam quills
through our windows
the grammar of shadows
into the poetry of light

we walked
through the waterfall
in moonlight
behind veils of grace
the nakedness of mountains

the slow spin
of one maple seed
d r i f t i n g
in a downward spiral
another runaway child

a dreamcatcher
hangs above our bed
in that thin place
we are lingering between
hanging on and letting go

(note: "thin place" refers to the sacred space between heaven and earth)

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