Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Leaf Press, August 2013

Riding Mountain Leaflet

(sketch of life poems reflecting upon nature experiences through the seasons in Riding Mountain National Park)


near the frozen lake
grey wolf pack serenading
bright perigee moon

watercolour sky
hoarfrost traceries etch
the fire-burnt branches

watching a muskrat
dart beneath pellucid ice
breath bubbles rising


wet black bear loping
down muddy winding road
in fading twilight

wild silences throb
with haunting liquid echo
of loon's laugh rippling

whiskey jack flutters
around the smoky campfire
we drink rose hip tea


backlit dust roiling
above wallowing bison
on sun-bleached prairie

unfurled inky caps
lilies and redolent sage
ripened saskatoons

on your hiking boots
tiny orange butterflies
basking in the heat


in the rain-soaked mist
a rutting bull elk bugles
between the aspens

aurora shimmers
over boreal forest
and steep escarpment

golden tamaracks
reflect in tranquil water
our canoe drifting

Note: These are my first "haiku", published before my eyes were opened!