Monday, July 20, 2015

Haiku Canada Review, Vol. 8, Number 2, October 2014

Haiku Canada Sheet (edited by LeRoy Gorman)

Small Coals

they called us
to collect her things
not knowing
what to do with her teeth
we left her smile in the trash

on the tundra
caging a winter sky
caribou bones

in tongues of tides
the call and answer
of moon and sea
our words becoming sand

the swollen bellies
of feral cats

crossing over
the bridge of sighs
I felt you
folding into me
folding into prayer

red-tailed hawk
on a telephone pole . . .
the prairie listens

she wore
a stranger's hair
tightly curled
after chemotherapy
waiting for a miracle

transplanted . . .
a bleeding heart
in the surgeon's garden

when I began
to lose my hair
I wove
a shirt of myself
for your shroud

on the beach
I collect the broken shell
of myself

when we
were chinook clouds
across evening
swallowing the sunset

shorn fields . . .
the midnight croaking
of sandhill cranes

Acknowledgments (in order): Lyrical Passion Poetry, cattails, A Hundred Gourds, Acorn, Gusts, The Heron's Nest, red lights, Prune Juice, Presence, cattails, Skylark, World Haiku Association

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