Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cattails, May 2014

leaf mulch
a nest of bunnies
halts the rake

rosemary from
your bridal bouquet
and funeral wreath
the scent of you
lingers on my hands

sand dollars
the currency of tides
in my pocket

we blow
our cares away . . .

mountain lupine . . .
the colour of wild
in your eyes

on the tundra
caging a winter sky
caribou bones

Third Place for Haiku
Second Annual "aha" Awards, 2014

Comments from the Judges:

In this snapshot, the author shows us how expansive this world is. From a wide-angle lens, we are brought into the closeness of what once held breath and life, yet now holds infinity . . . the heavens. We imagine the lush plant life and water from the summer tundra, but are also reminded of winter's perils and struggles of fighting for survival and giving in to the strength of Mother Nature. Through the stillness of the caribou's bones, we see the continuous movement of the seasons and the oneness of it all.

—UHTS Contest Judge b'oki, U.S.

This haiku of Debbie's struck me hard with its content and exquisite wording. The caribou bones "as a cage for the winter sky" is such a striking image. In her write-up, bo'ki captures the wholeness of the moment so beautifully that I am just here to follow up.

—UHTS Contest Judge an'ya, U.S.

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