Monday, July 20, 2015

Bright Stars Tanka Anthology, Volume 4, July 2014

The Weight of Snow

heavy snow
bending our boughs
settling so deeply
into this life's tracks
I didn't know we were lost

melting on my tongue
remind me
of the way it felt
when you disappeared

snow falling
between then and now
filling my spaces
how I long for the touch
of your cold hands

(this excerpt was originally published as a collaborative tanka with Kath Abela Wilson, but only my portion of the work appears here)

Blood and Sinew

the homestead
rooted in prairie soil
and memory
my blood and sinew
snagged on barbed wire

how we spun
on the merry-go-round
wagon wheel
unwinding ourselves
falling into grace

taking turns
on the wooden pony
with horsehair tail
riding into sunset
wild manes on fire

empty silo
the sound of hoppers
and hailstones
singing harmony
with my sisters

Burning Down Morning

mad archers
with steel bows
and arrows
piercing the towers
burning down morning

peregrine falcons
in their tower aeries
no earthly wings
broad enough to carry
the innocent home

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