Friday, August 14, 2020

Blithe Spirit, Vol. 30, Number 3, August 2020

Honoured to receive the Museum of Haiku Literature Award for best of issue 30.2, May 2020. My thanks to Anna Maris for selecting this haiku, and for her lovely commentary:

prairie town
rusted rails lead us
into sunrise

"A hopeful and very classic haiku, which brings distinct and suggestive images to the reader. This poem conjures memories of old westerns, carries a strong heritage of wabi-sabi or could be read as social commentary. The visual perspective is strong in this one, light and darkness follow the rhythm of the alliteration into a forward movement which carries on way past the poem itself."

rhubarb leaves
the rain-soaked spaces
between them

sea stacks
rise through the mist
of long lost sailors
and impossible dreams

the tide leaves
a spiral of pebbles
at my feet
gone, before I can
call out your name

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