Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Haiku in Canada: History, Poetry, Memoir - Ekstasis Editions - by Terry Ann Carter, 2020

Honoured to have three haiku chosen by Terry Ann Carter for inclusion in this amazing book:

the melted taste
of you

The Bamboo Hut Press, 2014
Erotic Haiku: Of Skin On Skin, Black Moss Press, 2017

the whistle
of a wood duck . . .
her last breath

Honourable Mention
2015 Drevniok Award

weathered barn
the silence of cobwebs
in moonlight

Honourable Mention
2016 European Haiku Prize

"...Winnipeg poet, Debbie Strange, contributes her poetry online, and has been internationally recognized for her haiku. She is a maker of poems, music, photographs, and art. Her poetry often reflects her deep reverence for nature. From an interview (Ribbons, 15(2), 2019) reprinted on her website, she mentions: "As a child, I used to curl up on the couch in our farmhouse while listening to my father recite poetry. This was my introduction to the power of words, and I remain under their spell to this day."

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