Thursday, April 16, 2020

#FemkuMag: An E-zine of Womxn's Haiku - Issue 22, March 2020

a halo around
the long night moon . . .
I find
another strand
of mother's light

Winner, 10th Annual Moonbathing Tanka Contest, 2018

Coming Undone

She always wore the same sweater. I've kept it all these years, and I wear it whenever my memories of her start to fade. Today, the last button came off, and I put it in the sweater's frayed pocket for safekeeping. When it slipped through a hole, and dropped between the floorboards, I finally realized that she was never coming home.

heirloom quilt
sparrow prints embossed
on new snow

2nd Publisher's Choice Award
KYSO Flash Haibun and Tanka Prose Contest, 2016

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