Saturday, November 10, 2018

Cirrus: tankas de nos jours, Number 10, October 2018

selected triptychs from Three-Part Harmony: Tanka Threads translated into French by Mike Montreuil

all winter

f i n a l l y
the river trail freezes
our ski tracks
the only graffiti
in this whitewashed city

the sound of tires
squeaking on new snow
a winter bird
rises from her rest
fluffing up her feathers

the neighbours
hibernate all winter
e m e r g i n g
into their backyards
like white-throated sparrows


the soughing
of willows in night wind
how gentle
the songs of daughters
tending to their mother

the sweater
mother knit for me
a rainbow
fading at the edges,
her evanescent life

the growth rings
of otoliths and trees
when did she
become smaller
than her daughters


a junkyard
of abandoned cars
once, well-loved
these skins shedding flakes
of other people's lives

rusted train tracks
over abandoned prairie
beckon us into the light
until we become blind

stacked in one room
of the abandoned house
unmatched chairs
we invent a new ending
to our own story

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