Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Earth: Our Common Ground - A Song of Short Songs, April 2017

Canticles for the Cosmos

we find
galaxies of sea stars
at low tide
sister constellations
if the sky should fall

night unties
the Belt of Venus
we bind
our hands together
with trailing ribbons

the graffiti
of firefly stars at dusk
we follow
until our eyes adjust
to the narrative of night

deep twilight
and noctilucent clouds
could there be
anything more magical
than sharing these with you


the old trees
under which we played
as children
still breathe us into being
our every root entwined

through forest canopy
recalling when
I was a sparrowhawk
and you were my prey

the elm trees
are slowly dying
this city
at times, too much
even for them

in the biome
of boreal forest
boots tread
heavily through habitat
we were not meant to own

clear-cut logging
scars visible from space
there must be
other ways for humans
to leave their footprint


an acqueduct
built on land belonging
to First Nations
now, they must boil water
while the city drinks its fill

thin and weak
a polar bear searches
for pack ice
if we lost our own cubs
would climate change be real

prairie lakes
bloom with toxic algae
remember when
we swam in pristine waters
untroubled by such things

fracturing the fabric
of our lives
into hydrocarbons
we stand upon the brink

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