Sunday, September 20, 2015

NeverEnding Story, September 2015

Cool Announcement: A New Release, Warp and Weft, Tanka Threads

My Dear Readers:

I'm happy to share with you this exciting news: NeverEnding Story contributor Debbie Strange just published her first collection of tanka, titled Warp and Weft, Tanka Threads (edited by M. Kei and available in print and ebook at Amazon), which "weaves tanka into short threads of three each, each triptych building into a larger sequence that tells the story of a poet with a raven's eye."

Selected Tanka:

at the stoplight
she squeegees
car windows
her scrawny arms tattooed
with poetry and addiction

my hands
tend the wild roses
upon your grave
in blood and blossoms
I sanctify your name

beneath the roses
these questions:
are you not more than ash
am I not more than rain

riding pillion
my heart
against your back
we unzip the highway
at the velocity of night

moonbeam quills
through our windows
the grammar of shadows
into the poetry of light

at the top
of a ferris wheel
two spiders
spin neon orbs
into the night

a nimbus
around the frost moon
above us
the hushed wings
of a snowy owl

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