Monday, November 08, 2021

Graceguts: Michael Dylan Welch's Blog, 2021

My thanks to Michael Dylan Welch for including the following collaborative work in his trifold, City Rengay, published in 2021:

Winnipeg Wind

by Michael Dylan Welch (in normal type) and Debbie Strange (in italics)

Portage and Main—
the wind whipping snow
after my missed bus

Assiniboine Forest at dusk
a deer flicks its tail

in the ruin
of St. Boniface Cathedral
a crushed snail

another heatwave—
Leo Mol nudes recline
in the garden

the Golden Boy
still pointing north

at Fort Whyte
the snowshoe tracks
of humans and hares

Note: this rengay first appeared in The Bamboo Hut's Hands Across the Water - A Journal of Collaborative Poetry, December 2018.

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