Monday, March 01, 2021

Akita International Haiku Network, March 2021

Honoured to be included in the World Haiku Series 2020, with ten haiku translated into Japanese by Hidenori Hiruta on March 1, 2021!

pine forest . . .
the advice I'd give
my younger self

Honourable Mention
2020 Soka Matsubara International Haiku Competition

crickets in the field . . .
we still hear grandma calling
us home for dinner

Honourable Mention
2020 Kiyoshi and Kiyoko Tokutomi Haiku Contest

balcony garden
the birds have finally
found me

Honourable Mention
2020 Triveni Haikai Calendar Competition

I cultivate the seeds
of loneliness

Honourable Mention, Editor's Choice Haiku
World Haiku Review, Autumn 2020

ghost pumpkins
winter arrives without
a sound

3rd Place
2020 International Haiku Contest on the Theme of the Gourds

neonatal unit
the bleat of a mother
missing her lamb

In the Starlight Feature
Stardust Haiku, Issue 43, July 2020

ceaseless rain
the questions I still
ask myself

3rd Place
2020 Weighing Raindrops Haiku Contest

earth day
the shimmering wave
of a bee colony

2nd Place
2020 World Haiku Save Our World Competition

prairie town
rusted rails lead us
into sunrise

Museum of Haiku Literature Award
Blithe Spirit, Issue 30.2, 2020

rainless days
I make another cloud
in a bottle

Honourable Mention
2020 World Haiku Save Our World Competition

Note - the following haiga was Highly Commended in the 2020 Santoka 3rd International Haiku and Haiga Contest: 

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