Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Mariposa, Number 43, Autumn/Winter 2020

white squalls
appear in the distance
without warning
this vision of something
I do not want to know

This issue includes the results of the 2019 San Francisco International Rengay Competition:

Rengay written with Jennifer Hambrick (in normal type) and Debbie Strange (in italics):

In the Key of Grey

hydro lines
the sixteenth notes
of grackles

in the key of grey

the lullaby
of wind through grain
empty silo 

high lonesome
a crush of midnight

barbed wire
the descant of coyotes

into the distance
a train's lament

Third Place (tied)

Excerpted from the judge's comments:

...It was one of very few rengay with a double theme. And the music references are skillfully incorporated into each verse, all of which relate very nicely to one another. I found this rengay to be very aesthetically pleasing.
—Seren Fargo

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