Monday, July 22, 2019

#FemkuMag: An E-zine of Women's Haiku - Issue 13, June 2019

"This issue is dedicated to every woman who's suffered, whether it be emotionally, mentally, physically, or sexually, to the women who supported us during our trauma and healing process, and to every woman fighting for her right to be human. May we stand tall for those who can't always get up."

we must not speak
of this

3rd Place, 2017 Penumbra Haiku Competition

lilac buds
no one notices
the bruises

Haiku Canada Review 10.1, 2016

her first boyfriend's
hard slap
some of our memories
are burning brands

Bright Stars Tanka Anthology 5, 2014

he gasps
at the ragged scars
upon my back
remnants of that night
they tore off my broken wings

The Bamboo Hut 1.3, 2014

at the corner
of poverty and despair
an Indigenous girl
is found in the river
I weep, I weep

Neon Graffiti: Tanka Poetry of Urban Life, 2016

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