Sunday, December 16, 2018

Blithe Spirit, Vol. 28, Number 4, November 2018

Honoured to receive the Museum of Haiku Literature Award for best of issue 28.3 (selected by Mary Weiler):

sun spider
I centre myself
in its web

At first I fell for the sweet alliteration in 'sun spider'. Then I looked it up. This is neither a spider nor a scorpion but a voracious little guy that can kill small vertebrates. Is she trying to intimidate him? Or maybe this is a form of meditation, centering herself. I had so much fun extrapolating around those eight little words!

Thank you for your comments, Mary!

storm watch
the sky crumples
in on itself

skeleton flowers
the things that rain

a loon dives
beneath the surface . . .
how clear
everything seems
in this moment

highland winds
ring the purple bells
of heather
as if to say, come home,
we are lost without you

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