Thursday, June 07, 2018

Atlas Poetica, Number 32, May 2018

Tanka Sequences

shadows call to me

I walk
into the break of day
by sparrowsong
and your shadow

slanted light
caresses the ruins
at eventide
shadows call to me,
but I do not answer

the dark side

a portent
of dangerous times
anvil clouds
press the setting sun
under water

rainbow flares
of nacreous clouds
we are
easily seduced
by the dark side of beauty


farm auction . . .
we have nothing
left to lose
except these thistles
rooted in our hearts

rumours echoed
through the streets
of our town
nothing to do but run
and we are running, still

the surest way

water reeds
trail from the paddles
of a bull moose
it is moments like this
that make me whole

of spirit bears lead me
to water
following a river
is the surest way home

Individual Kyoka

ladies who lunch . . .
two white-tailed deer
daintily sample
the fresh salad bar
in my garden cafe

Individual Tanka

you who were
made of brilliance
thank you
for the theory
of everything

(for Stephen Hawking)

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