Thursday, March 08, 2018

Inner Voices - International Women's Haiku Festival, March 2018

sisterless . . .
another star falls
into the lake

African violets
the fuzzy details
of my past

Editor's Comments:

Taken together, these two poems convey volumes about women's experience. In "sisterless . . ." the special relationship that only sisters can share is viewed from the vantage point of its utter lack, and illustrated with the heartrending image of a star falling into permanent darkness in a lake.

"African violets" is a compassionate take on the parts of our lives that we may prefer to leave in the relative safety and comfort of the vagueness of the past. Likening the "fuzzy details" of the past to bold and beautiful (and, yes, fuzzy) African violets acknowledges that even the shadows of one's past are still, in their own unique ways, beautiful and brilliant.

—Jennifer Hambrick

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