Sunday, February 04, 2018

Failed Haiku - A Journal of English Senryu,Vol. 3, Issue 25, January 2018

Retrospective Issue
 (with comments by the Editor, Mike Rehling)

wind quintet
the circular breathing
of our lives

"The wonderful symphony of our lives. The music of our breaths is in the tight sounds of a quintet for this poem. You don't need a hundred people to make a life, the few that we have and hold dear can make the most dramatic sounds that carry our heart. I love the thought behind this, and it makes a wonderful subject for a 'short poem'."

"The movement of light, in any occurrence, is always a miracle of change. That is even more powerfully on display at sunset. If I would correct the poet I would only say that light has no 'lines', but then the poem says just that more eloquently. No correction required. The image demonstrates the openness of light in all its wavelengths. This haiga is a lesson in art and astrophysics. Reminding us of the beauty of change and the variety in nature in the image drives home multiple layers of the poem."

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