Friday, October 06, 2017

Blithe Spirit, Vol. 27, Number 2, May 2017

dust motes . . .
the worn patches
on his saddle

robinsong . . .
the scent of earth
newly warm

to find myself grown
out of this skin . . .
will you recognize me
each time I am reborn

with the ocean's rhythms
a dolphin
carries me on its back
to my home among stars

Please note that the results of the 2016 British Haiku Society Awards also appear in this issue. Commentaries may be viewed in the British Haiku Society post of April 15, 2017 on this blog.

Tanka Section

tracks of birds
meander through snow . . .
the surgeon
marks her left breast
with a cross

1st Place

to hold the light
of mercury . . .
your memory
slips away


Haiku Section

harsh winter
squirrels gnaw the tines
of shed antlers

Special Mention

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