Sunday, July 30, 2017

Modern Haiku, Vol. 48.2, Summer 2017

boundary lines
every fence post topped
with a baseball cap

last campout . . .
sandhill cranes call down
the northern lights

Honourable Mention
Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Award Competition for 2017

Judge's Comments:

The first line implies autumn, which implies migration of the sandhill cranes to their wintering grounds. There is much to be found between the lines of this poem. I can see sparks from the campfire drifting upward in the night. Then into the camper's consciousness, the wonderful, rattly yodels of the cranes, followed by the waves and ripples of the northern lights. If I were the camper, I might think, "A heavenly light show and cranes on the move; all's right with the world."

—Ferris Gilli

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