Sunday, April 09, 2017

Cattails, April 2017

river stones
polished to a soft sheen . . .
in sharing
the weight of our worries
we each become light

my dreams
wander in and out
of yours . . .
rabbit warrens
in the bluebell woods

origami class
the beautiful folds
of our elders

old documents
the things we forgot
we knew

the curve
of an avocet's bill . . .
sickle moon

Editor's Choice

Editor's Comments:

Avocets are from the genus Recurvirostra, meaning 'bill curved backwards'. These striking waders can be distinguished easily by their bills. The poet juxtaposes the beautiful image of the upward curve of an avocet's bill with the sickle moon. A skilful use of two concrete images to create an unusual association in the mind of the reader.

—Geethanjali Rajan

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