Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Failed Haiku - A Journal of English Senryu, Issue 11, November 2016

The following works received Honourable Mentions in the Mixed Media Category in the 2016 Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Competition:


Immersing myself in the spinning colours emerging from darkness, the words remind me of my favorite song sung by Pete Seeger "All My Life's a Circle." I love the mysterious quality the layering has created. Don't we all go around in circles and isn't it great when we find ourselves! The font and its size goes well with the image. The placement and colour and hue of the words could be played with more to echo the movement in its words and enhance the composition more. I really like the use "words & image" in the signature, but felt the hue could be toned down to blend in with the total effect of this delightful haiga.

—Kris Kondo


I was instantly captured by the colors and the interplay of the different elements. Fish in the sky drew me in right away and I quickly went to the words to help me find out what this wonder world could be about, and I wasn't disappointed. Mindscapes and a longing for a family pet to love - there was much to find here and I enjoyed the journey. The composition of the elements was handled very well and the digital collage works well. I also liked the font which is a design element that can achieve a lot with a fun playful font. I really enjoyed this one.

—Ron C. Moss

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