Friday, August 12, 2016

Mandy's Pages Annual Tanka Contest, 2016

each moment
here on earth is numbered . . .
so why not
fly too close to the moon,
and hang our hats on stars?

1st Place

Judge's Comments:

I chose this as the winner because I wanted to base my decision on originality, freshness, and authenticity. The poet's writing style is utterly captivating! The serious tone of the first two lines pivots in the phrase, "so why not." The mood that follows is somewhat childlike, evoking a sense of adventure and imagination. Isn't that how we should enjoy life? We should take risks, dream big, have fun! With the use of the s/l/s/l/l form, this tanka gives you a heartwarming ending with some dreaming space.

—Christine L. Villa


  1. Congratulations, Debbie! Thank you for the wonderful gift. The postman delivered it this morning (September 2).

  2. Thank you - I'm so glad to hear that it arrived. Happy writing!