Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mann Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York - March, 2016

Daily Haiku - Featured Poet for March, 2016

chinook wind
magpies bathing
in snowmelt

snow geese
a chevron tattooed
on the moon

square dancers . . .
the frosted ruffles
of flowering kale

on the tundra
caging a winter sky
caribou bones

geese unzip the sky
a snowflake trembles
on your eyelashes

blood-veined leaf
on your upturned palm . . .
these life lines

Perseid shower
the scent of tamarack
on the campfire

sleigh bells
the hayloft rustles
with deer mice

evening fog
antlers ghosting through
the coulee

stone cairns
a faded cap drifts

riding the sway-backed barn setting sun

red-tailed hawk
on a telephone pole . . .
the prairie listens

the humming of wind
in barbed wire

the swollen bellies
of feral cats

gone too soon
saura blossoms
my old friends

sun catcher
the flicker's tail
a yellow fan

summer camp
children sieve the sky
for tadpoles

in cupped hands
the harvest moon rests
for a moment

ancient lichen liver-spotted stones these hands

ice skating
on a bluebird day . . .
our winged feet

a dragon kite
carries the sun
in its mouth

the sound of your name
on my tongue

rusted gate
old lilacs blooming
for no one

on a bridle path
the scent of apple blossoms
in my horse's mane

sea smoke
gulls fading into mountains
into sky

a wild sky
tethered to earth . . .
chain lightning

solar flares
a spill of buttercups
in the meadow

a muskrat
sequins of sun ripple
the silence

garden snail how you carry morning dew on your back

a squabble of crows
in the larch

the way life hangs
in the balance

Author Bio:

Debbie Strange is a Canadian short form poet and haiga artist. She is a member of the Writers' Collective of Manitoba and the Manitoba Writers' Guild, as well as several haiku and tanka organizations. Her writing has received awards, and has been translated, anthologized and published internationally. Debbie is an avid photographer whose images have been exhibited and published. Her other interests include singing, playing guitar, writing songs and gardening. Debbie's best "haiku moments" are those spent exploring nature with her husband in their lime-green 1978 Volkswagen camper named Ludwig Van. Every journey and every poem brings her closer to the world, and to herself.

(first publication and award credits appear in this blog's archive)

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