Sunday, January 24, 2016

World Haiku Review, January 2016

ice fog
everything familiar

Third Place
Shintai Haiku Category

late autumn
snow geese scattered
over dark fields

Zatsuei Haiku of Merit
Neo-Classical Haiku Category


I was happy to receive a note regarding "ice fog" from an'ya, my mentor, friend, and the publisher of my first haiku. There is only a single word difference between our haiku, though they were written 11 years apart...

"Great minds think alike Debbie! We must have been sisters in a previous life. Debbie, unlike others in our haiku world, I have never believed in deja-ku, and am honored that we shared virtually the same moment."

The exact situation subsequently arose with my work, and I responded to it with an'ya's kind and generous outlook on this common occurrence. I like to call these incidents "mind melds"! Since I began my haiku journey in 2013, I have discovered how lovely it is to know that we are connected by shared experiences.

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