Friday, October 06, 2017

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, Haiku Invitational, 2017

the pink nose
of a feral rabbit . . .

Sakura Award, Canada

transience . . .
petal by petal
we let go

Winning Haiku, Canada

Judges: Angelee Deodhar, DeVar Dahl, and Billie Wilson

(more than 1200 entries)


Transience encloses the world without and within each of us. Because we feel more secure when we have a sense of predictability, we develop a great capacity for denying a simple truth: that nothing stays the same. That can be a challenge, but the gentleness of "petal by petal" reminds us that we'll be just fine.

The Cherita: Your Storybook Journal, Volume 1, Number 2, July 2017

No Sat Nav...No Map...No Regrets Issue

looking behind

there is no trace
of you

no footfalls
announce your presence,
but when I close my eyes, you come

rest yourself

the time will come
for fightsongs

when jealous gods come courting,
do not be tempted
to lay your body down

in the old dovecote

throaty coos
of pigeons echo

I call out
your name,
for the first and last time

The Cherita: Your Storybook Journal, Volume 1, Number 1, June 2017

Telling a Story Issue


that last memory
of you

among the berries,
with bees singing
in your hair


I thought
you might be lost

take my hand,
we will walk backward
until we become stars

A Cherita Lighthouse Award

World Haiku Review, August 2017

the weight of light
on bent grass

Hon. Mention
Neo-Classical Haiku Category

high humidity
a snail shoots love darts
at its mate

Zatsuei Haiku of Merit
Shintai Category

family dinner
the upside down world
of nuthatches

Zatsuei Haiku of Merit
Shintai Category

our shadows mingle
then separate

Zatsuei Haiku of Merit
Vanguard Category

Wild Plum, Issue 3:2, Fall & Winter 2017

family circles . . .
a kingfisher stabs
the fat moon

morning frost
every blade of grass
a candle

VerseWrights, 2017

Haiku Sequences (individual poems previously appeared in Brass Bell)


CT scan
will I emerge
a butterfly

folding unfolding the origami of monarch butterflies


we hover around our mother hummingbirds

sunrise sunflower heads dangling a charm of finches

waxwings again not enough berries for jam

winter bird am I the only one who knows your song

The Heron's Nest, Vol. 19, Number 3, September 2017

rain squall
this rigmarole
of umbrellas