Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Bamboo Hut Press, 2014

harvest moon . . .
crisp apples and wedges
of geese

at solstice
we share a glass
of sunlight

groundhog day
scattered flurries
of snowdrops

diving into sky
pearl fishers
and cormorants

blue moon . . .
wingprints on snow
and a tuft of fur

the wine-drenched sea
fills my cup

a choir of crickets
and wind

frozen reeds
the north wind plays
winter's flute

behind earth's eyelid
bloodshot moon

calypso orchid
on the forest floor
shadow dancing

ice chimes
the thawing lake

of mock orange
peel open summer

coyotes wail
the old dog twitches
at my feet

lady slippers . . .
the way she dances
in her garden

listening deeply
to the poetry of water
i become a wave

ice wine
the fermenting
of memories

Christmas lights . . .
the shrivelled ghosts
of spiders past

mortar and pestle
grinding my teeth
into bonedust

icicle . . .
the melted taste
of you

the new year
counting calories
instead of stars

frost warning . . .
I add covers
to the rose bed

another year
another pound
of flesh

open window . . .
my nocturne tickles
the ivory moon

woodpecker . . .
he taps long red nails
on the bar

biting wind . . .
even the sun dogs
stay inside

my glass poems
until I see

a dragonfly
sips from my cup
I fly away

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