Sunday, July 19, 2015

Poetry Nook, Volume 5, April 2014

feed me words
from your quicksilver tongue
let them drip
into my dusty throat
and down the chin of longing

gritty life
shape-shifting into desert
thirst unslaked
the sand in my shell mouth
never becoming pearls

by the lamp
of a full Thunder Moon
I wrote this storm
with lightning bolts
dipped in wells of rain

the ripened grain
flattened by grasshoppers and hail
a punished prairie
cowers beneath the sun's closed fist
and we all fall down

silver-zippered river
binding earth's frayed edges
to ocean
we paddle among sea wolves
singing the salted sky

a raining sun
bathes the burning bush
in our garden
scattering embers
into the liquidity of light

of this blue life
by the hourglass
my furrows deepen

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