Monday, July 20, 2015

Gems Anthology, July 2014

frozen grasses
the sound of winter
beneath our feet

night drive . . .
a deer leaps over
the moon

summer rain . . .
puddles of confetti
beneath the arbour

winter trees
hold the opal moon
in their arms

moon garden . . .
the night blooms
with scent

sun and moon . . .
the rise and fall
of your breath

oak leaf lanterns
light my way

laundry day
the weather girl
sorts clouds

writing haiku
words and lines
play leapfrog

twilit lake
the trees and I

wild horses
these deep fears

hummingbird . . .
father hovers over
his garden

spring cleaning . . .
I sweep lies under
the rug

drifting silently
down the line
a pilgrimage into myself
no chains binding my heart
no sorrow prophets
reading my tea leaves

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